Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Setup

Basically the idea here is that I'm going to be writing a lot this summer, and I need a place to keep everything organized. Since my computer is like every other space I own (a perpetual shitstorm of things I need, don't need, and don't want), I'm probably just going to upload the majority of the short stories and novel bits and pieces here. The bonus of this plan is that people might actually read what I write for a change. But yeah, if you feel like keeping up with the uncollected works of Chris Rice, the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven, then by all means, follow along.


  1. YAY. i'm excited to finally read some of your writing.
    --becca :)

  2. This will prove to be interesting. What writers are you primarily into? I've been known to be compared to J.D Salinger. No shitting you lol

  3. Always been a Gibson man. His more recent stuff hasn't had the best stories, but I'll be damned if everything that guy writes isn't beautiful lol